AHG AHG Quarterly | April 6, 2022, April 6, 2022


The latest AHG Quarterly with reflections on the war in Ukraine.

The alleged war crimes in Bucha offer fresh proof of how human beings can lose their humanity when forces such as nationalism eclipse rational thought. In the current AHG Quarterly, our Executive Director Anna Herrhausen appeals to an open society and humanity. In doing so, she refers to Karl Popper's ‘The Open Society and its Enemies’ and warns against the attempt to ‘return to the (...) age of tribalism’. 

In addition, the newsletter addresses the question of what impact the refugee movement from Ukraine can have on a common European migration policy. The first-time application of the European ‘mass influx’-directive directly grants refugees from Ukraine the status of ‘temporary protection’ without overcoming bureaucratic obstacles first. This gives them direct access to the labour market, as well as to the health and social system.

Furthermore, the newsletter provides insights into our work to think and shape society across borders. Especially in view of the upcoming presidential election in France, where Marine Le Pen is once again trying to get majorities for her populist goal of a closed society, we should remember our European values. Instead of nationalism, isolation and hardened lines of conflict, we need to include all social groups in our thoughts and actions in a changing world.

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