Podcast March 29, 2022


In medicine they can save lives, in democracy they can divide societies: In the new episode, Carla Hustedt, Programme Director at Stiftung Mercator, and Felix Kartte, Senior Advisor at Reset, talk about the power of algorithms.

How do social networks influence our political voting decisions? Do people still go to demonstrations as often when the streets are monitored by cameras? And is it ethically right for algorithms to decide which unemployed person gets further training?

Algorithms already determine our lives in many areas. On the one hand, they can endanger our democracy. On the other hand, yet they can protect our health. For example, algorithms can already reliably predict skin cancer. Carla Hustedt, director of the "Digitised Society" programme at the Stiftung Mercator and Felix Kartte, senior advisor at Reset, an initiative that does programmatic work on technology and democracy, talk about this area of tension in the ThinkForward-podcast. Samuel Walker will lead the discussion; as project manager, he is responsible for the project Digital Europe 2030, in which the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft deals with the digital future of Europe - and with the question of how democracies in Europe develop under digital conditions.

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