Digital Europe 2030 Berlin, February 28, 2022

Digital Europe 2030: Data & Democracy | Discussion of the results with the Sounding Board

After the third and last workshop with our expert group came to an end last month, we are now pleased to present the resulting vision of the future as well as the possible courses of action to our Sounding Board. For this purpose, we will meet in a hybrid setting in Berlin on 28.02.2022.


The project "Digital Europe 2030 | Data & Democracy" has been accompanied from the very beginning by a Sounding Board, which consists of experts from science and practice. Since then, it has accompanied the project work in an advisory capacity, thus contributing to assure high quality results.


In the project "Digital Europe 2030 | Data & Democracy", the Alfred Herrhausen Society convened an interdisciplinary group of experts between November 2021 and January 2022, who in a total of three workshops explored the question of how the collection, analysis and utilisation of data can be carried out in the future for the democratic benefit of society. At the end of January, the last workshop took place to differentiate a desirable scenario and to derive options for strategic action.

The results of the project will be published this spring, beginning a new phase of transferring the insights gained in direct exchange with political decision-makers and civil society.


If you have any questions, please contact Samuel Walker.